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Products: Pistachios
Subject: Sustainability

Effect of drought stress and subsequent re-watering on the physiology and nutrition of Pistacia vera and Pistacia atlantica

Authors: Ben Hamed, S., Lefi, E., & Chaieb, M.
  • Journals: Functional plant biology : FPB
  • Pages:
  • Volume: 51(1)
  • Year: 2024
Arid and semi-arid regions are characterised by extreme conditions including drought stress and salinity. These factors profoundly affect the agricultural sector. The objective of this work is to study the effect of drought and re-watering on leaf gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence and mineral nutrition in Pistacia vera and Pistacia atlantica. Water stress was applied to individuals of P. vera and P. atlantica for 23days, followed by rehydration for 7days. The results showed a clear reduction in water relations, leaf gas exchange and chlorophyll content in P. vera. Compared to P. vera, P. atlantica maintained less affected water status, total chlorophyll content, leaf gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence, stable Zn and Fe proportion, and even elevated K and Cu. The changes in the chlorophyll fluorescence parameter were manifested particularly at the maximal fluorescence (Fm). In contrast, no change was recorded at the minimal fluorescence (F0). After re-hydration, although water status was fully recovered in both species, stomatal conductance (gs), net photosynthesis (A) and transpiration rate (E) remain with lower values than the well-watered seedlings. P. atlantica was better adapted to drought stress than P. vera.