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Products: Macadamias
Subject: Food Technology

Macadamia oil-based oleogels as cocoa butter alternatives: Physical properties, oxidative stability, lipolysis, and application

Authors: Shuai, X., McClements, D. J., Geng, Q., Dai, T., Ruan, R., Du, L., Liu, Y., & Chen, J.
  • Journals: Food Research International
  • Pages: 113098
  • Volume: 172
  • Year: 2024
In this study, macadamia oil-based oleogels were prepared using monoglyceride stearate (MG) as a gelator with a low critical gelation concentration (3.0 wt%). The physical properties of the oleogels were evaluated by polarized light microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffraction, texture and rheological analysis. And the lipid digestion and oxidative stability of the macadamia oil were determined by pH titration and accelerated oxidation test, respectively. The results showed that the hardness, oil binding capacity, and thermal stability of the oleogels increased with increasing MG concentration, which was attributed to the formation of a network of MG crystals held together by van der Waals interactions and hydrogen bonds. Rheological analysis indicated that all the oleogels exhibited a thermally reversible solid-to-liquid transition and viscoelastic behavior at ambient temperatures. Moreover, the formation of oleogels increased fatty acid release during in vitro lipid digestion and improved the oxidative stability of the macadamia oil. In addition, the potential application of these oleogels as replacements for saturated fats in foods was demonstrated by creating a chocolate product where the cocoa butter was replaced with macadamia oil-based oleogels with a high degree of unsaturation. These results can provide guidance for the preparation of macadamia oil-based oleogels, which may increase their application in foods.