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Products: Pecans
Subject: Food Technology

Variation in pigments in pecan testa during kernel development and storage

Authors: Zhang, C., Wang, K., Ren, H., Chang, J., & Yao, X.
  • Journals: Food Chemistry
  • Pages: 137989
  • Volume: 438
  • Year: 2024
The pecan (Carya illinoinensis) is an important tree nut worldwide. Browning of the testa during storage considerably reduces its quality. However, the pigments that cause browning and their accumulation patterns are poorly understood. We analyzed the color changes in the testa during the five developmental stages of the kernel after storage at room temperature to compare differences in their color and identify the pigments. Samples exhibiting different colors along with their corresponding -80 °C storage samples were selected for metabolomic analysis. A total of 591 phenolic compounds were detected, 52 phenolics showed regulatory effects on testa discoloration, and 59 metabolites were identified as possible precursors of the pigments. This study revealed the most thorough phenolic composition of pecan to date. Further, the findings provide new insights into the mechanisms of testa browning, deepens our understanding of the bioactive value of pecans, and contributes to the breeding of less browning-susceptible varieties.