A Sustainable INC Congress in Dubai

As the INC heads to Dubai from May 11-13 for the return of the World Nut & Dried Fruit Congress, sustainability is at the forefront. The INC plans to host a sustainable event, described by UNEP as “organized and implemented in a way that minimizes potential negative impacts and leaves a beneficial legacy for the host community and all involved.”

In efforts to reach this goal, initiatives are being pursued to improve the menu’s sustainability through locally-sourced, seasonal, and organic products, as well as minimizing food waste. Moreover, the INC is encouraging participants to embrace the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle) and push a paperless initiative. To support local communities, the INC encourages attendees to purchase goods and souvenirs that are locally produced to support local businesses and commercial activities. And of course, the INC aims to raise awareness of industry challenges and their impact on societies, economies, and our planet. Join us in helping make the Dubai Congress a sustainable event! We look forward to seeing you there! [Congress Information]

INC Chairman Michael Waring Presents at the Australian Nut Conference

INC Chairman, Mr. Michael Waring represented the INC at the 2022 Australian Nut Industry Council Conference which took place March 23-25 in Melbourne, Australia. Mr. Waring presented a global overview of the supply and demand trends for the tree nut industry over the past ten years. Furthermore, he shared a summary of the INC sustainability agenda and ongoing projects. The presentation was attended by delegates from across the entire Australian supply chain. [Read more]

Check out the Industry’s Top Education Programs

Take a look at the Basic Program on Nuts & Dried Fruits and the Advanced Program on Nuts & Dried Fruits to see what all is covered in each program and how they can help grow your company’s knowledge! The Advanced Program also has the option to get hands-on with the On-site portion of the program. Once students complete the program, they will receive a diploma. See which program best suits your needs and if you’re still not convinced, enjoy a free Industry Master Class! [More information]

INC Monitors Global Shipping Situation

As Shanghai, home to the world’s largest port continues to be under strict lockdowns amid COVID-19 cases, the future of the global supply chain is once again uncertain. In an interview with Fox Business, Mario Cordero, Director of the Port of Long Beach has expressed concern that the lockdowns could soon start affecting the Californian ports. Cordero stated that if China continues with a zero-COVID policy, supply chain disruptions could stretch…[Read more]

Nutfruit Country Product Spotlight

Hazelnuts from Turkey makes the seventh edition of the Country/Product Spotlight in the Nutfruit magazine. This report gives an in-depth look at the hazelnut industry in Turkey. The first section covers topics like production, consumption, and trade, touching on some of the most important numbers and data. Health and new products are touched on in separate sections. Moreover, Dr. Celal Tuncer contributes a feature article on the status of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in Turkey. [Read more]

INC Follows up on the 2022 Australian Macadamia Crop Forecast

As reported by the Australian Macadamia Society, the 2022 Australian macadamia crop is expected to be impacted by the recent severe weather and flooding in NSW and South East Queensland. Early predictions are that up to 10% of the crop may be lost in the regions affected by the weather conditions, although AMS CEO Jolyon Burnett says it is still too early to quantify. [Read more]

INC Shares New Health Study on Brazil and Cashew Nuts

In a recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers aimed to reveal some of the potential health benefits of Brazil and cashew nuts. There have been many studies that examine how consuming tree nuts can be beneficial for health, however, research remains the most limited on Brazil and cashew nuts. This study was conducted as a randomized controlled parallel 8-week dietary energy-restricted intervention trial. The participants included 40 women who were at cardiometabolic risk and they were divided into…[Read more]

Cranberries: INC Highlights New Health Study

The journal Food & Function has published a recent study that looks at the health benefits of cranberry consumption. While there have been previous studies highlighting the cardiovascular health benefits of cranberry juice consumption, there is a lack of research on the consumption of whole cranberries. The researchers investigated the health benefits of daily consumption of freeze-dried whole cranberries in healthy men. The study was a 1-month double-blind, parallel-group, randomized controlled trial with 45 healthy…[Read More]

INC Highlights New Study Supporting Omega-3 ALA Consumption

A new meta-analysis published in the journal Advances in Nutrition has looked deeper into the effect of linolenic acid (ALA) on cardiovascular disease and cognition. While there is evidence of the health benefits of plant-based diets and omega-3 fatty acids, more needs to be understood about the role of linolenic acid (ALA), which is a plant-derived n-3 fatty acid. Walnuts are a major food source for ALA. Meta-analyses of observational studies have shown that an uptick in dietary ALA is associated with a 10% decrease in the risk of total…[Read More]

INC Shares Latest Sustainability News

In this month’s sustainability update from the INC, you can read about the UN Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean forum to highlight key elements for achieving the SDGs, an EU policy brief on the environmental impact of agricultural production, a call from the EU for feedback on corporate sustainability due diligence, a new initiative from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and several more reports from the United Nations such as the 2022 World Water Development Report. [Read more]

International Trade News Monitored by INC

This month’s news on international trade is highlighted by the new interim trade agreement signed by Australia and India, the EU’s latest agri-food trade report, and the Global Gateway Africa-Europe Investment Package. Also covered is a new trade agreement between the UK and Canada as well as agriculture cooperation promoted in a dialogue between Vietnam and New Zealand. [Read more]

INC Reports on Latest Food Safety, Pesticide Updates, Labeling, and Marketing Orders

Read about new regulations from Chile regarding phytosanitary import requirements for peanuts, a call from the European Food Safety Authority for data on contaminants, and a letter from some Latin American countries requesting EU answers on import tolerances, as well as a country report from South Korea. Pesticide news features the EFSA’s annual report on pesticide residue levels in food and the national summary reports analysis, as well as new MRLs for certain products including peanuts. Regarding labeling, the EFSA was asked to deliver scientific advice on several nutrient profiling for nutritional labeling. Lastly, the assessment rates for USA pecans and pistachios are highlighted. [Food Safety] [Pesticides Updates] [Labeling Updates] [Marketing Orders]

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