INC Officially Launches New Empowermind Campaign

On July 25, INC launched its 2022/2023 Global Dissemination campaign, Empowermind. Aimed at the Gen Z target audience, the campaign will show a natural, holistic way to strengthen brain power & empower lives, by including nuts and dried fruits into a daily diet. The campaign’s creativity is new, fresh, and right on trend for the Gen Z consumer with fast-moving motion graphics and bright colors. The campaign launched with a post explaining to the INC’s Nutfruit social media community what the campaign is about with the aim to get them excited for what is to come in the following months. [Read more]

INC Set to Attend SIAL Paris in October 2022

In just two and a half months, the INC Pavilion at SIAL Paris will turn into the center of the nut and dried fruit industry. The INC Pavilion will be located in Hall 8 of the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte Convention Center. The prime location of Hall 8 guarantees high levels of foot traffic for exhibitors and ensures that they will have great visibility. On Sunday, October 16 the INC will host a Cocktail to gather the entire industry in a more relaxed environment. So, if you are attending SIAL, come stop by the INC Pavilion! [More information]

Enroll Today in the Best Industry Education Program!

The INC Academia is the premier education for the nut and dried fruit industry. It doesn’t matter if your employees are new to the sector or have years of experience, there is a program for all levels of experience. Check out the Basic Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits for those who want an introduction to the sector, or the Advanced Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits for those who already know the industry. There is no better way to increase your team’s knowledge of the sector. [Read more]

Türkiye Hazelnuts: 2022 Crop Forecast and TMO Purchase Prices Announced

As reported by the Blacksea Hazelnuts and Hazelnut Products Exporters’ Association, the 2022 Türkiye hazelnut crop is forecasted at 830,628 metric tons in-shell basis.

As informed by the Turkish Grain Board (TMO), shelled hazelnut purchase prices were announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan before the harvest period.

In the 2022/2023 season, the purchase prices of shelled hazelnuts are based on 50% sound hazelnut kernel;

  • 53.00 TL/Kg for Giresun quality,
  • 52.00 TL/Kg for Levant quality,
  • 51.00 TL/Kg for the pointed quality.

[Read more]

INC Shares Latest Info on Global Cashew Crop

The global 2022/23 production is anticipated to remain within the same range as last season. In India, this growing season flowering and fruiting were late by 20-25 days due to weather disruptions and therefore, the incoming crop is expected to be around 9% below 2021/2022. Cambodia’s 2022/23 crop is forecasted at 550,000 MT. A decrease is expected in the Vietnamese crop, which for this season is anticipated to be around 350,000 MT. Compared with last year, West Africa’s total crop is forecasted 10% up from 2021/22. The crop in Côte d’Ivoire is growing further thanks to new plantings coming into full yield. [Read more]

Brazil Nut Industry Overview Disseminated by INC

For the 2022/2023 season, an increased overall production for Brazil nuts is expected. The Bolivian crop is forecasted 26% up from the previous season, the Peruvian crop is expected to increase around 10% while the Brazilian crop is anticipated to be 20% below last year. Last season because there was a shortage in production, raw material prices increased and that increment translated into higher sale prices. However, owing to the significant carryover from the prior season, last year’s sales into the market were, on average, comparable to a relatively normal year; even with the big price fluctuation. On the demand side, buyers were facing challenges for securing product availability and that impacted retail pricing. [Read more]

INC Highlights Global Pistachio Crop

Estimated at 1.166 billion pounds (528,000 metric tons, in-shell basis), the Californian 2021/2022 crop ended larger than expected. There was increased growth from acreage and the yield per acre was slightly bigger than anticipated as well. The 2022/23 crop, forecasted at just over a million pounds (470,000 MT), is shaping up to be a reasonably good although not a bumper crop. According to IPA, the 2022 crop forecast stands at 115,000 MT, 15% below the previous year as it was severely hit by spring frost in the southern growing regions. Following the 2021/22 off crop, the 2022/23 Turkish production is forecasted at 190,000 MT. [Read more]

Raisin, Sultana, and Currant Production Shared by INC

Turkish production in the 2021/2022 season was estimated at 290,000 metric tons and carry-over is forecasted to end up between 30,000 and 40,000 MT. At the time of this report, the 2022/2023 crop was progressing very well. Rainfall and winter weather conditions were very favorable. Thus, a production of about the same volume as 2021/22 or slightly higher is forecasted. Expectations for 2022/23 production in China are to reach around 220,000 MT. The 2022/23 Californian production is forecasted at 197,000 MT, up by 13% from the 2021/22 production. At the time of writing this report, the crop was developing well. [Read more]

California Almond Industry Update

On July 8, 2022 the USDA NASS published the California Almond Objective measurement Report, which situates the 2022 production at 2.6 billion meat pounds (1.18 million metric tons), down 7% from May’s subjective forecast and 11% below the 2021/2022 crop.

According to the latest Almond Board of California Position report, released on July 12, crop receipts year-to-date amount to 2.9 B lbs., down 6% from 2020/21. While YTD shipments continue to lag 7.65% from last season (2.5 M lbs. vs. 2.7 M lbs.), monthly shipments in June reached a record of over 278 M lbs., up 26.3% from June 2021 and the highest shipment for this crop year. The lower prices incentivized shipments and contributed to reduce the large inventory over the last couple of months, which combined with the expectation of a smaller crop, are contributing to firming up prices. [Read more] [Almond Industry Position Report]

INC Shares Latest Info on Global Walnut Crop

The Chinese 2022/2023 crop is forecasted nearer the potential of 1.5 million metric tons (in-shell basis), at 1.4 M MT, significantly up from the past three years, when production was affected by frosts and drought during the blooming season. In California, according to industry sources, due to better-than-expected shipments through May and June, the 2021/22 carryout is estimated slightly lower than previously anticipated and the 2022/23 crop is forecasted at 715,000 MT, up by 9% from 2021/22. As reported by Chilenut, the 2022 harvesting concluded last May, with a forecasted crop of 170,000 MT, up 4% from 2021. The output is very good in terms of quality, sizes and yield. [Read more]

Pecan Industry Overview Disseminated by INC

Based on recently released US Customs data, it would appear that the 2021 crop was larger than originally forecasted, at 131,996 MT (the Mexican Government still has not published a final 2021 crop figure). Early estimates of 2022 production, appear to indicate a slightly larger crop of approximately 149,687 MT. According to the Tri-State Growers Association, the 2022 US crop is forecasted at 139,254 MT, 20% up from 2021. A good crop is expected this year in South Africa after three years of significant weather disruptions. Australian crop 2022 is forecasted 13.5% down from last year, at 2,950 MT. [Read more]

Date Production Shared by INC

Following the prior year’s upward trend and due to new plantings, total production in season 2022/2023 is anticipated to grow by 5% from 2021/22. Forecasted at 1.165 million metric tons, top producers’ highest increases are expected for Algeria, +13%; Morocco, +8%; Saudi Arabia and UAE, +7%; and Egypt, +4%. [Read more]

INC Shares Latest Sustainability News

The INC’s Sustainability news for the month of July is highlighted by reports from the United Nations including updates on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Sustainable Consumption and Production Report, among others. Moreover, see news from the European Union like a public consultation on bees and pesticides and new rules for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Lastly, this section discusses pre-harvest agricultural water requirements from the USA, and news on the USA EPA’s authority to mandate carbon emissions. [Read more]

International Trade News Monitored by INC

Learn about the latest trade news from around the world including free trade agreements between the European Union and India, and New Zealand. Other news from the EU talks about communications from the European Commission on Trade and Sustainable Development and increased controls for certain organic products. From Chile, read about sanitary and phytosanitary measures for imports of peanuts, and from South Korea, see updates on the retail sector. Finally, read about Belarus’ embargo on western vegetables, fruits and nuts. [Read more]

Food Safety, Gathered by INC

The July updates on food safety take a look at Codex ML for total aflatoxins in RTE peanuts, and new MRLs from Canada, China, the European Union, and the USA. Moreover, read about updates on the European Union’s sustainable pesticide use and results of F2F targets on pesticides, allergen labeling for walnuts and the 248th Food Safety Group in Japan, and food safety certification for specialty crops program in the USA. [Read more]

INC Continues to Monitor Marketing Orders, Standards and Labeling Updates

See the newest updates and regulations for almonds grown in California with an amendment to the Federal Marketing Order from the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service. On the side standards, read about a revision of the U.S. Standards for Grades for Shelled Pecans, and regarding labeling updates, see a new USDA GAIN report that analyzes the repercussions of new labeling requirements of non-retail containers in India for exporters of US-origin tree nut products. [Marketing Orders] [Labeling and Standards]

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