Industry Funding

The INC is proud to constantly support the entire nut and dried fruit industry by funding a number of projects, all with the goal of promoting growth in the sector. The INC-funded projects include research and promotional grants, and regional dissemination campaigns to increase nut and dried fruit consumption.

INC Grants

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Dissemination Projects

The goal of this grant is to fund promotion and dissemination projects that raise awareness of the importance of daily nut and dried fruit consumption to help ensure a healthy balance between supply and demand.

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Research Projects

The objective this call is to fund clinical, epidemiological, basic and/or strategic research that may contribute to enhance the understanding of the health effects of nuts and dried fruits.

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Open Access Studies

The objective of this call is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and to promote the dissemination of the health benefits of nut and dried fruit consumption as widely as possible, through the payment of the Open Access charges of those articles already accepted for publication in a scientific journal or those articles that have been already published.

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INC Funded Studies

Over the last nine years, the INC has funded more than €5 million in research and dissemination projects. While research grants are aimed at helping understand the health effects of nut and dried fruit consumption, dissemination projects are aimed at building consumer demand for nuts or dried fruits. Latest projects have been effects of long-term mixed nut consumption on brain health in the elderly and associations between nut intake cognitive function and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in older adults.

Dissemination Plans

In 2017, the INC launched its yearly dissemination to increase consumer awareness of the health benefits of nuts and dried fruits and boost global consumption, After the success of this initiative in 2022, the INC made the decision to take the approach country-specific targeting countries with excellent growth potential and focusing on the consumer of the future, Gen Z. Now the INC is running country-specific plans in both China and India which have reached over 76 million and 80 million Gen Z's retrospectively. Thanks to this success, the campaigns will be continuing in both these areas, and in 2024 we will be expanding the action into Latin America. Watch the video to see our campaigns in both China and India.

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