The INC Academia is the best executive education for the nut and dried fruit industry. Master the world of nuts & dried fruits and take the next step in your professional development by enrolling in the programs that shape industry leaders.

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Why Join the INC Academia

The best educational program in the nut and dried fruit industry


Online learning at your own pace from authors at the world’s most prestigious institutions.


Get to know the ins and outs of the nut and dried fruit industry all in one place.


The opportunity to network and gather with fellow peers during the on-site course.


Become certified by the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council at the end of the course.

What Students Say

See what past students are saying about the INC Academia

"It provides fantastic information right from growing, to processing, to harvesting, marketing and negotiation which for me was one of the key highlights."

Jasvinder Sethi

"When you are on the on-site course you get to see everything in real life. It's great to experience it and put into practice what you've read and learned."

Andreas Pasek

MWT Foods
"I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the industry, meet new people, network and have a completely great experience."

Aishwarya Bhatia

California Agri Nuts Corporation
"The INC Academia's operations strategy and negotiations classes were really good. I feel they add a lot of value to the course."

Hemanta Kumar Banka



Leading experts from the industry

Past Courses

Launching in 2018 read key highlights from past editions of the INC Academia

Course 2022/2023

The fifth edition of the INC Academia, Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits closed with a total of 52 online students. This edition featured 2 programs, Basic and Advanced, for a more personalized learning experience, along with three-day on-site experiences which took place in Italy (2022) and UK (2023).

Course 2021

The fourth edition of the INC Academia, Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits closed with a total of 47 online students. In 2021, the Academia extended its online offering with four specialized courses to choose from. Specialized courses were also open to alumni at a discounted price.

Course 2020

The third edition of the INC Academia gathered a total of 53 online students. The course also gained 20 students for the on-site part of the course however, due to the global pandemic, this was postponed until 2022. In this third edition of the course for the first time, the INC extended its offering for the full year.

Course 2019

The second edition of the INC Academia, Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits closed with a total of 51 students from 25 countries. The 2019 Program combined online lessons, with readings, tutorial videos and self-assessment tests, with an intensive three-day on-site experience, which took place in California.

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