Nutfruit Magazine

The official voice of the nut and dried fruit industry, published three times a year. The magazine features information on statistics, new crop information, food safety, trade issues, government regulations, new promotional ideas, scientific findings and many other topics.

About Nutfruit Magazine

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The only publication dedicated solely to the nut and dried fruit industry.

Published three times a year in a both a hard copy and digital print version.

Brand exposure to the entire industry though advertising opportunities.

Boasts a high international readership through both print and digital media copies.

Market oriented sections providing the most current look into nuts and dried fruits.

Interviews and articles with world renowned chefs, industry leaders and topical experts.

Nutfruit Magazine Publications

Statistical yearbooks

Published yearly with insightful analysis on production, trade and consumption over the last 10 years. The Yearbook provides an overview of the industry and includes a breakdown of each product under the INC umbrella.

Border rejections

INC monitors import border rejections in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan, analyzing the trends, causes and origins.

Technical Info Kits

Information kits for the basic understanding of various products and topics

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