Marketing & Communication

INC Marketing & Communication works to promote INC initiatives and raise awareness for the health benefits of nuts and dried fruits. Through trend research, recipes, and social media, we aim to increase consumption and make certain that the voice of the nut and dried fruit industry is heard worldwide.

Trend Research for Members

Giving INC members the tools they need to promote their product worldwide

Provides an understanding of the key points that have the most potential for nuts and dried fruits.

Discusses which benefits of nuts and dried fruits are the most appealing for consumers.

Helps companies effectively use their marketing budgets to increase product demand.

All findings draw the borders with scientific research to ensure reputable results.

INC Social Media

Forming a significant part of the INC´s marketing and communication strategy, social media is our way to interact and promote nuts and dried fruits to the INC online community. Using Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, the INC is constantly showing the goodness of nuts and dried fruits. Follow us for some great tips and insights!

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