As discussed by industry leaders during the round tables, world tree nut production for 2023/24 has been forecasted at 5.7 million metric tons (kernel basis, except pistachios in-shell), up by 5% from the previous season. Although it is still very early in the season to anticipate the final outcomes, almond, walnut, cashew, hazelnut and pecan crops are expected to remain mostly flat, or just slightly above the previous season. Pistachios and macadamias are projected to increase by 37% and 9% from 2022/23, respectively, whereas Amazonia (Brazil) nuts and pine nuts foresee lower crops this season.

According to early estimations, world peanut production in 2023/24 is expected to amount to 51 million MT (in-shell basis), up 4% from 2022/23.

Global dried fruit production in 2023/24 has been forecasted at 3.2 million MT, up 7% from 2022/23, as production is expected to increase for dates (22%), prunes (21%) and dried figs (14%).

The need to create demand worldwide through innovative new product concepts was a theme throughout the congress with Gen Z being a key driver of market development.

In keeping with the reoccurring congress theme of Gen Z, keynote speaker Virginia Stagni, Business Development Manager and Talent Director at the Financial Times, discussed ways in which businesses can engage with younger generations both as consumers and industry professionals. Mountaineer Edurne Pasaban, the first woman to summit all 14 eight-thousanders, gave the second keynote speech, which conveyed inspiring messages about achieving goals and building a team with a shared vision.

INC Executive Director Goretti Guasch gave a presentation about hot topics in the nut and dried fruit industry. She also shared the INC’s latest research which looked into the perceptions and consumption habits of Gen Z in India and how they perceive nuts and dried fruits.

The Nutrition Research Seminar featured guest speakers Prof. Gideon Lack, Professor of Pediatric Allergy at King’s College London, who discussed the landmark LEAP study on the prevention of nut allergies, and Dr. Marta Guasch-Ferré, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen, who discussed the scientific evidence supporting the health benefits of nuts.

The Sustainability Seminar featured guest speaker Dr. Rachael Garrett, Moran Professor of Conservation and Development at the University of Cambridge, who argued that the nut and dried fruit industry is uniquely poised to position itself as a sustainable agriculture sector.

At a session entitled Global Campaign Strategies, speakers representing several industry associations presented their initiatives to promote consumption of nuts and dried fruits in different parts of the world.

Attendees are invited to check out the INC’s online repository of congress presentations

Videos and slides from the INC XL World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress in London are now available online, exclusively for congress attendees.

To access the INC’s online presentations page, log in to the Meeting Point —the exclusive online space used for networking during the event— using the same username and password you were issued when you registered for the congress. From there, click on the Presentations tab.

The presentations page is organized chronologically by date and congress session. Simply scroll down to the session you wish to revisit, where you will find the corresponding video and slides. To watch a video, just click on the play button to watch the video without leaving the Meeting Point. Alternatively, click on the YouTube logo to watch the video on the YouTube website. To view any slide deck, simply click on the icon to download the PDF file.

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