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In 2024, get ready to be wowed at the INC Congress in the stunning location of Vancouver. With over 1,300 company owners, presidents, and CEOs expected from world-renowned companies, the industry’s flagship event provides the only space that offers participants the opportunity to learn, network, and do business with top industry professionals from 65 countries. During the three-day event, over 60 speakers are taking the stage to give unparalleled insights into the current market landscape, and crop forecast data, and spotlight essential trends that will set the industry agenda for the coming year.

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Why Join the INC Congress

Gather with some of the biggest names in the nuts and dried fruit sector

The largest International gathering of company Owners, Presidents, and CEOs from the world’s leading Nut and Dried Fruit Companies.

Get the latest updates on industry statistics, crop forecasts, supply, consumption, and market dynamics.

An average of 1,300 participants from world-renowned companies. An excellent platform for seeking industry opportunities, making deals, and networking.

A varied set of social events, and INC activities to renew professional relationships in a different and more relaxed atmosphere.

INC Congress in Numbers

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Past Congress Highlights

The 40th INC Congress brought together over 1,300 professionals registered from over 65 countries, this time in London, UK. Attendees gathered to share knowledge and ideas on market development and dynamics, the latest findings in health and nut allergy research, and the sustainable growth of the industry.

Past Keynote Speakers

Internationally renowned speakers with valued knowledge

What Congress Participants Say

See what participants say about their past Congress experiences

“It’s a very good opportunity to collaborate with the INC and we are very proud to be a member.”

Toño Pons

President Importaco
“We’ve always been very excited to be part of the INC because of what the INC does for the nut industry. The conversations we have and the networking are really valuable for our company.”

Mia Cohen

Chief Operating Officer at Setton Farms
"What is better than being in the hands of the INC? This is where the most important event of the year for nuts and dried fruits is at and the whole world is here"

Nicolás Di Cosmo

Former President at Chilenut
"The INC Congress is bringing everyone from the supply chain together. Everyone that is involved in the industry needs to come here to communicate with each other."

John O’Neill

Sourcing Technical Manager at Whitworths
"We appreciate what the INC does, bringing us together annually to talk about the future of the nut business."

Mike Hohmann

Executive Vice President and CFO at Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds

INC Awards

The INC Awards are the premier international showcase of excellence for the nuts and dried fruits industry.

Golden Nut Award

Honoring excellence in the nuts and dried fruit industry, the Golden Nut Award is the maximum international recognition of excellence in the sector.

Excellence in Research

The INC Award for Excellence in Research is aimed at recognizing outstanding researchers whose contributions have led to significant accomplishments in health and nutrition research related to nuts and/or dried fruits.

Excellence in Gastronomy

The INC Award for Excellence in Gastronomy is a recognition that acknowledges chefs who have made significant contributions to high gastronomy: culinary creations and new product development, including nuts and/or dried fruits.

Innovation Award

The INC Celebrates New Ideas and Innovative Approaches. INC wants to thank all the companies for submitting their brand’s new products for the Innovation Award. This contest will select the Top Best new product/service.

Excellence in Sustainability

The Award for Excellence in Sustainability aims to recognize projects and companies/organizations that show outstanding achievements and inspiration in the field of sustainability.

Other Recognitions

Apart from the aforementioned awards, the INC gives out other deservedly recognitions to those who have made an impact on the nut and dried industry.

INC Awards Winners

Previous INC Congresses

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