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The INC Congress, taking place May 11-13, 2022 is just five months away, and it’ll be here before we know it, and you won’t want to miss it! The INC is committed to the safety of its participants and therefore will be implementing proper health protocols to ensure that this Congress goes off without a hitch. Dubai has been recognized as one of the safest and best places for business meetings.

Join the INC in Dubai to network with top business leaders and put yourself in a largely market-focused atmosphere that encourages the sharing of knowledge and experiences. Over 1000 participants from more than 60 countries are expected to be at the industry’s not-to-be-missed event. As of now, nearly 700 participants have already saved their spots! For more information on the program of the event, you can visit the Congress’ website! [Read more]

Recap of INC’s Latest Webinar on Shipping Challenges and Inflationary Pressure in the Agriculture Sector

Available to watch now on the INC TV Channel.

To round out 2021, the INC hosted a webinar on one of the hottest topics in the industry, shipping and inflation which was attended by over 150 participants from more than 30 countries. Joining the webinar were expert speakers, Indika Dassanayake, Head of Global Accounts and Commercial for CMA CGM Asia Regional Office in Singapore, Bill Rooney, VP of Strategic Development for Kuehne + Nagel from the USA, Peter Friedmann, the Executive Director for the Agriculture Transportation Coalition, the voice of US Agricultural exporters in transportation policy, and INC member Vittavat (Prince) Phonphaisan, Executive Vice President of Heritage Group from Thailand, leading exporter to over 60 countries globally.

The session was moderated by Emiko Terazono, Commodities Correspondent for the Financial Times, and INC Executive Committee Members Pino Calcagni and Giles Hacking joined in for the group discussion. [Read more]

Global Shipping Situation Continues to be Monitored by INC

Shipping Prices Increase and Port Congestion Continues.

The latest report from Drewry’s World Container Index revealed a 2.3% increase in spot rates compared to the previous week. Looking back to one year ago, freight rates remain 170% higher. Turning to some of the major routes in the world, only Rotterdam to Shanghai decreased, with a 2% drop. On the other hand, Shanghai to Los Angeles, Shanghai to New York, and Shanghai to Genoa all saw significant weekly increases in the spot rates, 5%, 4%, and 3% respectively. Prices for Rotterdam to New York also experienced a slight increase of 1% compared to the previous week. Shanghai to Rotterdam, Los Angeles to Shanghai, and…[Read more]

INC Communicates Recent Developments in China’s Decrees 248 and 249

According to one of the latest USDA Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) reports on recent developments regarding the implementation of Decree 248, the list of Harmonized System (HS) codes is available at the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) Single Window website. The report notes that since the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) downloaded the list of HS codes on November 30, the list of codes and data have been updated numerous times. The report urges direct consultation of the codes on the official website of the Chinese government. More information

INC Delivers a Press Release on Nut and Dried Fruit Production Forecasts

Check out the latest update on 2021/2022 production forecasts and market status.

Production for the 2021/22 season has been forecasted at about five million metric tons (kernel basis, except pistachios in-shell), down by 8% from 2020/21. World peanut production is expected to amount to about 50.5 M MT, 2% up from 2020/21. The 2021/22 world production of dried fruit has been forecasted at around 3.17 M MT, 6% up from 2020/21. The global shipment and logistics disruptions are creating some delays and short-term supply shortages, making it a challenge to monitor and assess the situation. [Read more]

INC Shares the 2021 USDA’s Tree Nut World Market and Trade Report

See what is happening with the tree nut world market.

In marketing year 2020/21, almond production as well as trade was dominated by the United States. Walnuts were primarily produced in and exported by China, the United States, and Chile. Pistachio production was concentrated in the United States, Turkey, and Iran, while exports were dominated by the United States and Iran. Import markets were more diverse as compared to producers and exporters, although almonds, walnuts, and pistachios relied on the European Union as a major destination. [Read more]

INC Circulates AMS Market and Crop Reports

Take a look at the latest Australian Macadamias Supply and Sales Report.

As reported by the Australian Macadamia Society, exceeding previous expectations, the Australian macadamia industry has produced a 2021 crop of 51,500 metric tons in-shell @ 3.5% moisture (55,200 MT in-shell @ 10% moisture). This is an increase of 10% on the 2020 crop, due to favorable growing conditions in most regions despite the ongoing legacy of previous years’ sustained drought. Queensland’s growing regions performed strongly, and production from the new plantings in Bundaberg continues to increase as they reach five to ten years of age. [AMS Market Report] [AMS News]

INC Disseminates Findings from Health Study on Pecans

Effects of Pecan Nuts on Glycemic Profile and Diet Quality.

Research has recently published a new randomized clinical trial study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition which looks at how adding cardioprotective foods like pecan nuts and extra-virgin olive oil affects glycemic profile and diet quality in patients with coronary artery disease. The clinical trial lasted 12 weeks, 204 participants were divided into three groups. The first group was given a healthy diet, the second group, a healthy diet plus 30 grams per day of pecan nuts, and lastly the third group, a healthy diet pls 30 mL per day of…[Read more]

Results from Prune Health Study Distributed by INC

Prunes and Bone Strength in Men.

In the Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers have recently published a study exploring how consuming prunes affects various bone biomarkers in men. Many studies before have analyzed this effect on male animals; however, no human male study has been conducted before. To conduct the randomized controlled trial, the researchers separated 60 men into two groups, one with 100 grams of prunes daily, and the other with zero grams of prunes daily. The study aimed to test if daily inclusion of prunes positively affected bone mineral density…[Read more]

INC Shares Highlights from Dried Fruit Health Study

Dried Fruit Consumption and Weight Management.

A recent study published in Nutrition Bulletin aimed to analyze how dried fruit consumed as a snack impacts appetite and body weight. Researchers conducted two different studies, the first phase, examining dried fruit consumption as a snack on appetite, and phase two, a randomized controlled trial to determine if prune consumption undermined weight loss during a structured weight loss program. For phase one, participants were either given prunes and raisins or jelly babies for the control group. It was found that a significantly…[Read more]

INC Shares Latest Sustainability News

For the December 2021 Sustainability Update, the INC highlighted a meeting between European and Latin America and Caribbean Leaders on setting a path for sustainable recovery post-COVID. In other news, the EU Ministers recently held a debate on rising energy prices, and the EU also published a communication on ‘Restoring Sustainable Carbon Cycles’, which aims to play a role in achieving the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality objective. Lastly from the EU, new biodiversity reporting standards are in the works to be developed by mid-2022. From the US, agricultural operators in the San Joaquin Valley will receive funding for ending the unsustainable agricultural burning. And in conclusion, the World Bank announced its new Climate Change Action Plan for 2021-2025. [Read more]

International Trade News Monitored by INC

The INC continues to monitor monthly trade news from around the world. In this month’s report, China is pursuing a revised standard on nut and seed food. Additionally, the EU Commission has adopted a regulation on rules for inspection certificates and official controls of organic products originating in third countries. A report from the UN has highlighted the potential consequences of elevated shipping costs on consumer products. From the US, the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has proposed a rule that would increase the assessment rate established for pistachios 2021-2022 and subsequent production years. Lastly, the members of WTO have agreed on a new services domestic regulation. [Read more]

INC Follows Latest Legal Updates on Food Safety, New Labeling, and New Additives

In the INC’s latest legal update on food safety, labeling, and additives, some of the highlights include, China’s new food security introduced in their National Security Strategy 2021-2025, the European Commission’s public consultation on recycled plastic in food packaging, a conference on food safety in Africa, touching on emerging food safety matters within the continent, and amendments to Canada’s Food and Drug Regulation, relating to nutrition regulations, list of ingredients, and food colors. The update on additives is the EU’s denial of authorization of titanium dioxide as a feed additive. [More on food safety] [More on labeling] [More on additives]

INC Displays Weekly RASFF Notifications

The RASFF report of week 50, corresponding to the period 13/12/21- 19/12/21, registered 8 nut and dried fruit notifications distributed in: 1 alert notification, 1 information notification for attention and 6 border rejections.

Azerbaijan (2) and Turkey (2) registered the highest number of notifications last week, due to the presence of aflatoxins in hazelnuts and dried figs respectively. Aflatoxins were the reason for most of the notifications (7). [Read more]

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