Discover the projects that helped shape the nut and dried fruit industry

As our business strategies begin to pan out for a prosperous 2024, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the year that was 2023 and with this, present the INC Annual Report of Activities for that period.

This report provides a look at the key highlights of our activity throughout 2023, and stands as a testament to the INC’s enduring commitment to fostering sustainable growth within the nut and dried fruit industry.

Divided into four sections, the “Who We Are” chapter offers a comprehensive overview of the INC’s structure, mission, objectives, and our unwavering promise to sustainability. In “What We Do,” we delve into the core activities that define the INC, including our flagship event, the annual INC World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress, as well as initiatives such as our educational program, the INC Academia, and our esteemed Nutfruit magazine.

Moving on to “Funded Projects,” we discuss how the INC provides financial support to the industry, backing projects that champion the benefits of nuts and dried fruits. This includes groundbreaking nutrition research, alongside grants for promotion and dissemination. In the “Marketing & Communication” section, we shed light on our engagement with consumers and industry stakeholders through our dynamic social media channels, websites, and creative content. Additionally, we offer insights into our expansive multi-country dissemination campaigns, notably in China and India, which focus on increasing nut and dried fruit consumption in these key markets for growth. Finally, the “Scientific & Technical Projects” section provides a glimpse into our diverse undertakings in areas highlighting the launch of our new statistical database featuring over 700,000 statistical records, scientific research, government affairs, and more.

We would like to thank our members for their continued support and invite you all to read about the projects that shaped 2023. View the 2023 Annual Report.

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