Foreign currency-based hazelnuts prices showed a volatile nature due to the sharp devaluation in Turkish Lira, followed, with a certain lag, by an increase in Turkish lira-based pricing. It is estimated that the TMO (Turkish Grain Board) completed the procurement of at least 80,000 metric tons of in-shell hazelnuts expected to be offered by Q1 2022. Exports showed a strong performance, with 2021 (January-December) shipments hitting a record volume. Expectations indicate that the same trend will continue throughout the season and 340,00 MT (kernels) levels could be surpassed. As for the 2022 crop, although still early to estimate, all indications are optimal, as fall rains, satisfactory cold period and snow coverage in late January supported the vegetation process. 


The 2022/23 crop looks promising. Although December was very mild, adequate chill arrived in January. By then, flowering was progressing very well for the early and medium to late varieties in all areas. An important presence of male flowers was observed across the varieties. 


With more than 90,000 acres (36,500 hectares) currently planted, the 2021 crop was another record for Oregon in terms of volume. Quality was excellent in regards to internal defects. However, in-shell sizing was drastically reduced as compared to 2020 primarily due to a dry summer and a large crop. Because of the late-harvest rains, the last 10% of the crop came in with an elevated amount of mold, rancidity, and discoloration.
In-shell shipping to Asia posted strong numbers with 14,100 MT exported to China, year to date November 2021. For the same period, 3,700 MT of kernels were shipped, primarily to Canada. Both domestic and export kernel shipments were strong during December and January, and are expected to continue to be so well into 2022.
At the time of this writing, weather was excellent for successful pollination, coupled with good orchard conditions, setting the foundation for a strong 2022 crop.

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