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According to SAMAC Handlers/Processors’ survey, the current projection for the 2022 crop, forecasted at 57,723 metric tons dry nut-in-shell, is on the optimistic side, compared to 2021, which ended on 53,320 MT. This forecast will be updated towards the end of March 2022.
The 2021 South African macadamia crop was still affected by hot and dry conditions that prevailed for several years. Although most orchards are irrigated, water usage was restricted in certain areas, which together with very high temperatures, contributed significantly to physiological stress experienced by many orchards.


As reported by the Australian Macadamia Society, 2021 crop reached 51,500 MT in-shell at 3.5% moisture (55,200 MT in-shell at 10% moisture). This represents a 10% increase on the 2020 crop. While severe weather in NSW growing regions earlier in the year had caused crop loss in some parts of the state, Queensland growers experienced a comparatively good season, with favorable weather and good harvest conditions. In addition, the final crop figure was positively impacted by new plantings (predominantly in Bundaberg and the Clarence Valley) coming into production earlier than anticipated.
While there has been some variation in weather conditions across growing regions, overall early indications for the 2022 crop are positive. The 2022 crop is predicted to reach 54, 930 MT in-shell at 3.5% moisture (58,900 MT in-shell at 10% moisture), a 6.7% increase on 2021.


According to NutPak, the 2021 crop, after final adjustment, hit 7,950 MT (kernel basis) and with a projected growth of 5%, it is expected to arrive to 8,300 MT in 2022. The apparent market stability portends a robust crop year supported by favorable weather. The season is expected to start by mid-March with first shipments ready by mid-April 2022. It is anticipated that Chinese appetite for kernels will strengthen demand.

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