South Africa Macadamia

Consolidated figures from SAMAC Handlers/Processors indicate a 2021 crop forecast of 54,174 metric tons dry-nut-in-shell (DNIS), up 11% from 2020.
Although a bumper crop was expected, an unseasonal frontal rain during critical times of flowering resulted in significant flower blight infections, subsequently affecting nut set. Beaumont was particularly affected in the Nelspruit and North Coast regions of KwaZulu-Natal. The lower total kernel recovery on this cultivar has further reduced yields whereas other cultivars have approximately a 1-1.5% lower TKR than last season. Fortunately, the cyclone did not impact all regions and contributed to the replenishment of underground water resources. Most producing regions experienced increased damage by the Tortricidae moth complex, which is expected to have had a considerable impact on cultivar 816, 788 as well as on most hybrids.

Australia Macadamia

As per the Australian Macadamia Society, the majority of the 2021 crop was already collected by mid-September and overall quality was very good. Crop is forecasted to reach 48,500 MT in-shell basis at 3.5% NIS moisture content (52,000 MT at 10% m.c.).
Weather conditions have been excellent for flowering. Young trees are in good health and these new plantings are expected to start contributing to the crop next year. Demand for Australian kernel is showing strong improvement with all major regions experiencing growth compared to the prior year.

Kenya Macadamia

According to NutPak, crop 2020 closed at 37,000 MT NIS basis as some crop was not harvested due to COVID-19 market uncertainties. For the year 2021, production is foreseen to reach 38,500 MT once the short crop expected in the last quarter comes in.
With increased market confidence for the upcoming season, a resurgence of the industry is expected and crop 2022 is anticipated to hit a high of over 40,000 MT as new plantings are coming to fruition.

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