With final receipts of 1.1 million metric tons (in-shell basis), the 2021/22 crop remains unchanged. The price for premium varieties has been firm since the start of the season. With record overseas shipments this season, the industry has faced severe challenges due to labor shortage, exceedingly high freight rates and currency issues, which have absorbed nearly all possible margins of the shippers.
As usual, the demand was brisk prior to the Chinese Spring Festival. Steady to firm market is anticipated by the industry for the rest of the season in view of lower-than-normal inventory, but this will, to a great extent, depend on the worldwide COVID-19 situation.


As reported by the California Walnut Board and Commission, the 2021/22 crop reached 653,320 MT, exceeding the USDA estimate by 7%.
Ongoing supply chain disruptions continue to plague global shippers compounded by west coast port slowdowns and global labor disruptions from the ongoing pandemic. Late rains were experienced towards the end of the harvest season, which may have an impact on the late crop arrivals. Demand should remain strong as walnuts, known for their health benefits, continue to be desired.


According to Chilenut, in line with the estimates made at the beginning of the season, the 2021 crop is estimated at 153,000 MT, in-shell basis. Exports year to date through December 31 amounted to 144,981 MT (in-shell equivalent). Based on Chilenut long-term projection and information received from growers, a new record production estimated at over 170,000 MT is anticipated for this year.

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