INC Executive Committee met to discuss the next steps of the INC’s strategic plan and define a concrete plan of actions. 

This October 6, the INC Executive Committee met in Luxembourg to discuss the next steps of the INC’s strategic plan and define a concrete plan of actions taking into consideration the most important priorities for the INC going forward.

During the meeting, and after the success of the INC’s latest visits in China and India, the Committee made a motion to approve a new project called “Country Outreach: Global Program for a Better World.” Within the framework of this project comes an on-the-ground outreach program which will see an INC delegation travel to key regions for growth in the nut and dried fruit sector to strengthen ties and foster collaboration with governmental bodies, international organizations and key industry players, all with the ultimate goal of boosting consumption of nuts and dried fruits. In addition to this on-the-ground activity, the group approved the continuation of the multi-country dissemination plans in China and in India and also agreed to extend the program into Latin America, a region that boasts 700 million potential consumers, making it a key marketing priority for nut and dried fruit promotion. Activity in the region will start in the first half of next year.

With the aim to accomplish goal no. 2 of the INC strategic plan, Prioritize key areas of focus for health and nutrition research, the Committee also approved a large high-quality research study, the NUTPOOL study. With over 1 million participants, this study will be the first of its kind to look at the epidemiologic relation between nut consumption and the risk of a number of chronic diseases with a standardized approach, making it representative of the worldwide population. The study will be run over three years and will be groundbreaking for the industry.

The group also reviewed the Foundation’s financial status as well as the London Congress results and future congresses, among other subjects. The next INC Executive Committee meeting will take place in February 2024.

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