On July 25, INC launched its 2022/2023 Global Dissemination campaign, Empowermind. Aimed at the Gen Z target audience, the campaign will show a natural, holistic way to strengthen brain power & empower lives, by including nuts and dried fruits into a daily diet. The campaign's creativity is new, fresh, and right on trend for the Gen Z consumer with fast-moving motion graphics and bright colors. 

The campaign launched with a post explaining to the INC’s Nutfruit social media community what the campaign is about with the aim to get them excited for what is to come in the following months. The INC has also developed four hero videos that that are being shared on social media and are already available on YouTube, with more than 7,000 views over the first three days. 

Posts on the INC corporate social media channels have also been published to alert the nut and dried fruit industry, especially INC members, to the campaign and ask for their collaboration in sharing the posts that the INC produces to align the message globally.
Over the next month, the INC will be concentrating the promotion on the four main videos and will then be moving the content into three other areas of focus that came out of the research study discussing the benefits of nut and dried fruits, overcoming the barriers for why people don't eat them by debunking common myths and raising awareness of different ways of consuming nuts and dried fruits. 

So if you would like to get involved and help share the message about nuts and dried fruits, stay tuned it to the INC's social media accounts and communications!

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