700,000 statistical records at your fingertips  

The INC is pleased to announce the launch of its new online statistics database. Exclusive to INC members, this is the most comprehensive statistics database in the nut and dried fruit industry. With a sleek look and feel, the new database is faster, more intuitive, and features new data sets and dashboards, giving members access to 700,000 statistical records.

The upgraded database includes several new datasets: planted area, productivity per hectare, and trade value, and has several new features designed to help users get the most out of the tool. For example, for all tree nut and peanut records, switching from kernel to in-shell basis is as simple as clicking a button. Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is calculated for multi-year selections, and supply and consumption data can be filtered by gross national income groups.

The reports offered by the new database allow users to make customized queries on yearly data on crops/production, beginning and ending stocks, total supply, planted area, productivity, consumption, consumption per capita, trade volumes and values, filtering by year, country and product. It is also possible to display historical trends for multi-year periods.


In a nutshell, the database is now split into two sections, either nuts or dried fruits, that can be chosen from the homepage. Within each section, there are six different reports: four analysis reports and two data reports. In every report, data can be split by product and region/country.

Analysis reports:

  • Production Analysis
  • Trade Analysis
  • Consumption Analysis
  • Planted Area Analysis

Data reports:

  • Supply & Consumption Data
  • Imports & Exports Data

In addition, the new database is even more comprehensive than before with new datasets and features as well as the previous available data.

New datasets:

  • Planted area
  • Productivity
  • Trade value

New features:

  • In-shell and kernel equivalent data
  • Data by GNI groups
  • CAGR

Welcome to the only international database for nuts and dried fruit statistics.

Login to the Members Area to access the new Statistics Database.

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