UNECE reviewed the group’s progress and amended Agricultural Quality Standards

In 2023, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Specialized Section on Standardization of Dry and Dried Produce appointed the INC as leader of an ad-hoc drafting group responsible for developing a code of good practice on reducing food loss and food waste in nut and dried fruit value chains. In early 2024, the INC developed a draft of the first chapter, which focuses on primary producers. The drafting group, which included members representing France, the United States and the Central Asian Working Group to Promote Exports of Agricultural Produce (CAWG), held three meetings between February and April to further refine the draft.

At its annual meeting, held in Geneva, Switzerland, from May 15-17, the Specialized Section provided comments and suggestions on the draft and congratulated the INC-led drafting group on its progress to date. The group will continue its work in the coming year and submit an expanded draft to the next session of the Specialized Section.

During the meeting, the Specialized Section also agreed to amend the Agriculture Quality Standards for almond kernels, blanched almond kernels and in-shell almonds; re-attach an annex to the standard for dates; and amend the definition of produce, remove a footnote on how tolerances are assessed in Türkiye from the table on tolerances, and keep crop year as mandatory for “Extra” Class and Class I and optional for Class II in the standard for in-shell walnuts. The Specialized Section also reviewed draft explanatory materials for cashew kernels, almond kernels, in-shell peanuts and peanut kernels. All agreed texts and materials will be submitted to the Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards for adoption at its November 2024 session.

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