INC co-founder spoke at two major events and toured multiple industrial facilities

The INC traveled to China last month for an outreach visit that included a high-profile presence at two important industry events and tours of multiple industrial facilities. The trip served to consolidate ties with China’s nut and dried fruit industry and cement the INC’s position as the worldwide umbrella organization for the sector.

On April 12, Pino Calcagni, a co-founder of the INC and chair of the Statistics and Sustainability, Scientific & Government Affairs Committees, participated in the China Snacks and Bakery Food Forum, an event held in parallel with the 108th China Food and Drinks Fair in Chengdu. This edition of the China Food and Drinks Fair welcomed approximately 4,000 exhibitors from China and across the globe, making it one of the country’s largest and most influential trade fairs.

Organized by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products (CCCFNA) the event brought together experts and scholars from across the globe to analyze trends in China’s baking and snack food industry. At the event, Mr. Calcagni delivered a keynote speech before an audience of 250 importers, processors and exporters of nuts. In his talk, Mr. Calcagni provided a statistical overview of global production, trade and consumption, highlighted the INC’s ongoing dissemination campaign targeting Gen Z consumers in China, and encouraged audience members to join the INC and attend the INC Congress in London.

The INC then traveled to Hefei for the 16th Food Exhibition & Conference for China Nuts, Roasted Seeds and Dried Fruits, an event organized by the Specialized Committee for Nuts and Roasted Seeds of the China National Food Industry Association that ran from April 18-22. Before an audience of 550 people, Mr. Calcagni gave a keynote talk and INC Chairman Michael Waring participated remotely via video address. In his remarks, Mr. Waring began by providing an overview of the INC’s mission and main activities and highlighting China’s strength as a producer of tree nuts. He then turned his attention to China’s potential as a market for nuts and dried fruits and described the INC’s efforts to boost consumption in the country.

During the visit, the facilities of two major players in the Chinese market were toured, Three Squirrels and ChaCha, both respected members of the INC. The INC visited the 140,000 m2 Three Squirrels plant in Sichuan province as well as a ChaCha factory in Anhui province. These visits confirmed that the Chinese industry is moving towards higher standards, automation and high-tech equipment. It was also apparent that the major players in the Chinese industry have embraced innovative product concepts such as nut-based drinks, flavored nut kernels, in-shell roasted pine nuts and laser-cut in-shell macadamias.

Mr. Calcagni noted that the Chinese economy is poised for a fundamental transformation of international business over the next decade. Chinese companies are clearly working hard to achieve new targets in industrialization and reach consumers through online methodologies and new models of retail sales. In short, the visit reaffirmed the INC’s pride in its Chinese members and we look forward to welcoming them at the upcoming INC Congress in London.

The INC would like to express their gratitude for the hospitality and welcome shown by all especially thanking INC Board of Trustees members Mr. Cao Derong, Mrs. Chen Ying, Mrs. Christina Qi and Mr. Cheng Hung Kay.

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