The delegation included four members of the INC Executive Committee

The INC participated in the 2023 China International Tree Nuts Conference from August 2-4 in Hangzhou, China. Now in its 16th year, this well-known industry event is organized by the China Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products (CFNA). Every year, the conference brings together more than 500 participants —growers, shellers, exporters, importers, factory operators and members of related service industries— representing all tree nuts and some dried fruits. This year’s attendees hailed from more than 30 countries and included top executives from some of the biggest names in the business.

The INC was represented at the conference by Mr. Michael Waring, INC Chairman; Mr. Ashok Krishen, 1st Vice Chairman; Mr. Pino Calcagni, 2nd Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Sustainability, Scientific and Government Affairs Committee; and Mrs. Goretti Guasch, INC Executive Director and member of the Executive Committee.

During the opening session on August 3, Mr. Waring delivered a speech in which he stressed the need to drive consumption by facilitating the creation of healthy, innovative products, with the aim of achieving a balance between demand and supply. He underscored the importance of China as a key market for demand creation. In addition to China’s traditional role as a consumer of walnuts and pine nuts, Mr. Waring expressed confidence in the country’s potential for growth in other tree nuts. He noted, however, that promotion is required in order to achieve this goal.

Immediately thereafter, Mrs. Guasch gave a brief presentation on the INC’s ongoing dissemination campaign, which specifically targets China’s Generation Z online. Through a content strategy based on communicating health benefits, promoting consumption moments and debunking pre-conceived myths, the campaign has already reached 54 million people and succeeded in boosting demand for nuts and dried fruits in China.

In the following session, Mr. Calcagni provided a global statistical review of tree nut production, demand and supply, with a particular focus on the Chinese market. He noted China’s status as a leading producer of tree nuts and emphasized the country’s potential to increase its tree nut consumption, proposing the ambitious goal of reaching 1 kg/year per capita by the year 2030.

During their time in China, the members of the INC delegation also visited the facilities of two major players in the Chinese market, ChaCha and Three Squirrels, both respected members of the INC. The INC delegation visited the ChaCha factory in the city of Hefei, Anhui province. While in Hefei, the INC also met with the Specialized Committee for Nuts and Roasted Seeds of the China National Food Industry Association (CNSA). The INC also visited the Three Squirrels plant in the city of Wuhu, Anhui province. These visits confirmed that the Chinese industry is moving towards higher standards, automation and high-tech equipment, while also embracing innovative product concepts.

Michael Waring delivers his speech at the opening session.
Goretti Guasch gives a presentation on the INC’s dissemination campaign in China.
Pino Calcagni presents a global statistical review of tree nut production, demand and supply.

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