The INC is pleased to announce the release of the 2021-2022 edition of its Statistical Yearbook, which provides an overview of the last decade's trends in nut and dried fruit production and consumption, as well as individual chapters for each nut and dried fruit. Each ad hoc section delves into the main producing, exporting, importing, and consuming countries, analyzing current and 5-year average shares, along with 10-year historical series.
The study indicates that global tree nut production (kernel basis, excluding pistachios in shell) has risen steadily over the last decade, reaching over 5.1 million metric tons in 2021/2022, down 6% from the previous season's record but 50% higher than 10 years before. Almonds and walnuts contributed for 32% and 19% of global production, respectively, followed by cashews (17%), pistachios (15%), and hazelnuts (11%). Pecans, macadamias, pine nuts, and Brazil nuts accounted for the remaining 6%. Similarly, tree nut exports (shelled except for in-shell pistachios) have shown an upward trend, with an average annual growth rate of 99,700 MT, reaching around 3 M MT by 2020. Global consumption, estimated at 5.2 M MT, increased at an average rate of 210,800 MT per year.
In the last two seasons, total peanut production surpassed the 50 M MT threshold. In 2021/22, it was estimated at over 50 M MT (in-shell basis), 2% below the previous season, yet 35% up from 2012/13. On average (2017/18-2021/22), China and India added up to 37% and 13% of the global crop, respectively. Nigeria ranked third with 9%, followed by the US with 6%, Senegal, and Argentina with 3% each. Total shelled peanut exports exceeded 2.6 M MT in 2020, with an average annual growth rate of 140,800 MT over the previous decade. Global consumption expanded at a pace of 1.2 M MT per year, to around 51 M MT.
Over the last decade, world dried fruit production has shown a positive trend, amounting to about 3.1 M MT in 2021/22. Dried grapes (raisins, Sultanas, and currants) represented 43% of the total share. Table dates accounted for the following 36%, prunes (6%), dried apricots (5%), dried cranberries (5%), and figs (5%) added to the remaining 21%. Dried fruit exports reached around 2.8 M MT in 2020, expanding at an average rate of around 73,100 MT each year. Total consumption amounted to 3 M MT and rose at an average of 63,900 MT per year throughout the previous ten years.

Download the INC Statistical Yearbook 2021/2022.

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