The INC is pleased to share the 2022/2023 Annual Report. This year’s report provides a look at the key highlights from the past year’s activity until April 2023, with sections on Who We Are, What We Do, Industry Funding, Marketing and Communication, and Technical Projects. This year’s report also gives an overview of the INC’s new mission, vision, value proposition, and goals for the period of 2022-2026 to address new challenges the industry is facing.

The section Who We Are provides an overview of the INC’s structure, new mission and objectives, and its dedication to sustainability. What We Do highlights the INC’s principal activities such as the Annual Congress, INC Pavilions, the INC Academia, and publications, including the Nutfruit Magazine. The third section of the report, Industry Funding, discusses how the INC financially supports and promotes the industry through INC-funded research and also includes information about the INC’s new multi-county dissemination campaigns in China and India aimed at promoting the consumption of nuts and dried fruits in each specific area. The Marketing and Communication part gives insights into how the INC connects with consumers through recipes, social media, and the INC’s digital marketing strategy. The final chapter of the report, Technical Projects, features insights into the activities of the INC related to nutrition, international regulations/standards, global industry statistics, and more.

Access the entire 2022/2023 Annual Report now.

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