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INC Summarizes 2021 Import Border Rejections

INC monitors import border rejections in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan, analyzing the trends and monitoring the causes and origins. EU-RASFF Notifications for edible nuts in 2021 increased by 14%, compared to the previous year. In terms of dried fruits, 2021 total notifications displayed a decrease of 5% compared to 2020. The main reason for notifying was aflatoxins. [Read more]

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INC Visits First Edition of SIAL America in Las Vegas

The INC has just returned from the first SIAL America in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event allowed the INC to meet up with various members who were exhibiting, and also scope out the possibilities of future INC Pavilions in Las Vegas. The brand new event could provide another INC Pavilion opportunity for INC Members, this time in the United States! The SIAL Network has over 50 years of experience in delivering food industry events. [More information]

INC Continues to Monitor the Ongoing Global Shipping Situation

According to an article from the US-based Supply Chain Management Review, a new port tracker report anticipates high import levels to remain consistent throughout 2022. The article goes on to state that due to a combination of strong consumer demand and continued supply chain challenges causing congestion, US ports could expect possible record levels of retail container imports. The report was issued by the National Retail Federations (NRF) and maritime consultancy Hackett Associates. NRF Vice President for Supply Chain and Customs Policy…[Read more]

Updated Supply Situation on Walnuts Shared by INC

With final receipts of 1.1 million metric tons (in-shell basis), the 2021/22 Chinese crop remains unchanged. As reported by the California Walnut Board and Commission, the 2021/22 Californian crop reached 653,320 MT, exceeding the USDA estimate by 7%. According to Chilenut, in line with the estimates made at the beginning of the season, the 2021 crop is estimated at 153,000 MT, in-shell basis. [Read more]

INC Delivers the Production Progress Report on Prunes

As reported by the California Prune Board, global supply restrictions, an average-sized crop supported by managed inventory, and continued strong domestic and export sales have kept handlers busy filling customer orders of premium California Prunes. Supply-chain challenges, particularly delays and cancellations of scheduled ocean freight, remain problematic worldwide. As informed by the Chile Prunes Association, overall growing conditions during 2021 were favorable and bloom was reported successful without drought losses. Harvest started in mid-February and production is anticipated to be good.  [Read more]

INC Follows up on the 2021/2022 Almond Supply Estimates

According to industry sources, total Californian crop is expected to amount to 2.9 billion pounds/1.316 million metric tons (net crop of 2.842 B lbs./1.289 M MT). Due to the logistical problems the industry is facing with shipping lines, shipments are anticipated to reach a total of around 2.6-2.7 B lbs. (1.179-1.224 M MT), leaving a carry out of around 750-850 M lbs. (340,200-386,000 MT). The Almond Board of Australia announced a crop estimate of 145,000 MT for 2022/23, which is up on the 124,439 MT produced last season. [Read more]

Crop Progress Report on Hazelnuts Delivered by INC

Regarding the 2022 Turkish crop, all indications are optimal, as fall rains, satisfactory cold period and snow coverage in late January supported the vegetation process. Turkish exports showed a strong performance, with 2021 (January-December) shipments hitting a record volume. Expectations indicate that the same trend will continue throughout the season and 340,00 MT (kernels) levels could be surpassed. The 2022/23 Italian crop looks promising. Although December was very mild, adequate chill arrived in January[Read more]

INC Shares Updated Supply Situation on Dates

Despite the global health and economic crisis, the gross volume of the world production of dates has increased compared to previous years mainly owing to the new plantations carried out in recent years. Overall, holiday season exports were carried out satisfactorily despite the drop in prices on the international market. On the other hand, the annual advancement of Ramadan has put pressure on exports, particularly for the Deglet Noor variety, which is late compared to most other varieties. [Read more]

INC Shares Latest Sustainability News

In this month’s sustainability update from the INC, you can read about the new report on the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World for 2021, a range of news from the European Union, the FAO’s new report on the future of food safety, and the Food Sustainability Index. The news also includes updates on sustainability from Ireland, Spain, the United States, the OECD, and the UN Economic Commission for Africa. [Read more]

International Trade News Monitored by INC

This month’s news on international trade is highlighted by various agreements such as the China and New Zealand FTA Upgrade, going into effect in April, Costa Rica and Israel cooperation agreement, and the Open Balkan Initiative agreements. Furthermore, the news includes a report from Algeria on food and agricultural import regulations and standards export certificate, and the 2022 FTA tariff schedule between the United States and Morocco. [Read more]

INC Reports on Latest Food Safety, Pesticide Updates, and Health Food Claims

Read about new regulations from European Commission concerning hazelnut plants from Serbia, maximum levels for hydrocyanic acid in almonds, maximum levels for ochratoxin A (OTA) in dried fruit and pistachios, as well as an information note on processing factors in the EU. Moreover, learn about the most recent pesticide updates from the EU and the US, along with China’s reassessment of certain health foods for immunity, memory, and fatigue. [Food Safety] [Pesticide Updates] [Health Food Claims]

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