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Just One Month Until INC Pavilion Returns to SIAL Paris

The INC Pavilion at SIAL Paris will be returning in exactly one month, from October 15-19, 2022, and will transition into the heart of the nut and dried fruit industry, providing exhibitors and visitors a chance to network and do business. This year’s Pavilion will be the most extensive one yet with four islands and equipped with open meeting areas for INC Members. Moreover, from October 15-18, the INC will host a Pizza Happy Hour from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, creating a great opportunity to catch up with industry peers. And on October 16, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the INC will host its exciting Cocktail Event, offering premium beer, wine, and spirits!  [Read more]

There’s Still Time to Enroll in the INC Academia

Becoming an expert on nuts and dried fruits and fast-tracking your or your team’s professional development is just one click away! The INC Academia is the best way to get an overview of the nut and dried fruit industry, with courses on many topics ranging from the basics like origins and varieties to more advanced topics like international market opportunities and sustainability. With the INC Academia, it doesn’t matter your level of experience, there is something to take away and develop professionally. So, visit the website and enroll in the best industry training! [More Information]

INC Shares Update on California Almonds

On September 9, 2022, the Almond Board of California released the August Position Report, with total shipments for the first month of the new campaign adding up to over 228.3 million pounds (≈103,600 metric tons), up by 10% from the 207.4 M lbs. of 2021; following the end of last season’s increasing trend. Exports accounted for 71% of the total shipments and reached 162.9 M lbs. (≈73,900 MT) an increase of 10% compared with August 2021. On the other hand, the beginning inventory carried in from 2021/22 was consolidated at 836.8 M lbs., (≈379,600 MT) 37.6% above the previous season. Reflecting on the USDA NASS objective estimate, crop receipts amounted to 264.2 M lbs. (≈119,900 MT), down 15% from August 2021. [Read more]

Californian Walnut Crop Update Disseminated by INC

According to the USDA NASS the California Walnut Objective Measurement Report, published on September 1, the 2022 California walnut crop is forecasted at 720,000 metric tons. The forecast is based on 400,000 estimated bearing acres (around 161,900 hectares), 3% up from 2021 estimated bearing acreage of 390,000. In late 2021, the crop benefited from heavy rains and a significant snowpack, however, since then, weather conditions were hot and dry, resulting in reduced water allocation in many areas. Some frost damage was observed in the Sacramento valley as the result of several nights of freezing temperatures the last two weeks of February. [Read more]

INC Highlights Ukrainian Walnut Crop

As per a USDA FAS GAIN report, published on September 1, 2022, Ukraine’s walnut production is forecasted at 95,500 metric tons for the 2022/23 marketing year, based on a combination of suboptimal weather conditions and some production regions in Russian-occupied areas. Exports are reported to be slow in 2021/22 due to constrained logistics stemming from Russia’s invasion. Likewise, domestic consumption is expected to decrease as a result of the Russian invasion, although some of the drop in consumption might be partially compensated by the observed decrease for imported tree nuts (predominantly almonds and cashews) and expected decrease in prices for home-grown walnuts. [Read more]

Turkish Sultana Raisin Update Shared by INC

According to a USDA FAS GAIN report of August 3, 2022, Turkey’s Sultana raisin production is forecast at 330,000 metric tons for the 2022/23 marketing year, higher than 2020/21 due to favorable weather conditions. In MY 2022/23, raisin exports are also forecasted to increase to 280,000 MT in parallel to the increase in production. The European Union and the United Kingdom continue to be the top export destinations for Turkish raisins. [Read more]

INC Shares Australian Macadamia Crop Update

The Australian macadamia crop is on track to reach 49,340 metric tons in-shell @ 3.5% moisture content (52,900 MT in-shell @ 10% moisture), according to the Australian Macadamia Society. The harvest is nearing completion, with 90% of the crop now collected. Overall quality has been very good throughout all growing regions, with low reject rates and higher-than-expected kernel recoveries. [Read more]

INC Shares New Peanut Health Study

A recently published trial in Nutrients set out to examine how peanut consumption as part of a weight loss diet compared to a traditional low-fat weight loss diet, as overweight and obesity continue to be a significantly important global public health topic. Researchers conducted a two-arm randomized controlled trial in which 107 adults over the age of 18 at risk of type 2 diabetes were separated into a control group following a low-fat weight loss diet and a peanut group. The peanut group was instructed to consume 35 g of lightly salted dry-roasted peanuts prior to…[Read more]

Prune Study Disseminated by the INC

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published a study analyzing how prune consumption may be beneficial for preserving hip bone mineral density in postmenopausal women. The study used a single center, parallel arm 12-month randomized controlled trial and included 235 postmenopausal women who were divided into three groups: control with no prunes, 50 g of prunes, and 100 g of prunes. The 100 g prune group had a 41% dropout rate while the dropout rates of the control and 50 g of prunes were much lower at 10% and…[Read more]

INC Provides Summary for Nut Consumption Health Study

Researchers have recently published a study in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology which takes a look at nut consumption and how it affects chronic kidney disease and mortality in the United States. In this study, the investigators used data on 6,072 individuals at least 20 years old from the NHANES 2003-2006 survey. Data on death was found from the Center for Disease Control. To analyze the impact of nut consumption on chronic kidney disease and mortality, a logistic regression model and a Cox proportional hazards regression model were…[Read more]

INC Shares Latest Sustainability News

This month’s sustainability news is headlined by updates from the United Nations for the integration of SDGs in to the report process for companies and a declaration of access to clean and healthy environment a universal human right. Moreover, there are sustainability news from Chile on standards for prunes, China and the net zero process, Ghana’s strategic and implementation plan for cashews, India’s Mission LiFE, and the European Union regarding sustainability reporting, forest monitoring, and possible soil health laws. [Read more]

International Trade Regulations and Agreements Monitored by INC

Read the latest news on international trade regulations and agreements, covering higher tariffs more than 300 products, including several nuts and dried fruits. Moreover, see the agreement between China and Brazil aimed to boost peanut trade between the countries. And lastly, read about a series of meetings held between the Chilean walnut industry and Indian authorities. These meetings highlighted the importance of expanding the already existing trade agreements between the countries. [Read more]

INC Continues to Monitor Marketing Orders, Standards, and Protective Designation of Origin News

See the latest news on marketing orders from the United States, specifically for pistachios grown in California, Arizona, and New Mexico, as the Agricultural Marketing Service conducts a referendum on the continuance of the marketing order regulating the handling of pistachio in the aforementioned states. Moreover, learn about grade standards for Pecans in the shell and shelled. On the side of protective designation of origin, read about a new application for walnuts from a Spanish region. [Marketing Orders and Standards] [Protective Designation]

Food Safety Regulations and News Gathered by INC

This month’s update on food safety regulations covers a Codex session of pesticide residues, new MRLs in the European Union for Triadimenol, Didecyldimethlyammonium Chloride, Nicotine, 1.4-Dimethylnaphthalene, 8-Hydroxyquinoline, Pinoxaden, Valifenalate, Acequinocyl, Cholorantraniliprole, Emamectin, Calcium Phosphide, Cyromazine, Tropramezone, Propoxur, and Thiram. In addition, more news from the European Union regarding Hydrocyanic Acid in certain foodstuffs and MRLs for Ochratoxin A in certain foodstuffs. [Food Safety]

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