The Sevilla Congress app has already been launched and is available both on Play Store (for Android devices) and App Store (for Apple iOS devices). Including a complete set of information and useful details, it results in an essential tool for those attending the event. As already featured in previous editions, the INC Congress app offers users full access to the event’s program, along with extra information on speakers and round table panelists. The utility also provides information about available tours and programmed activities and includes a detailed explanation of the several social events as well.

By using the app, delegates will also have access to the exhibition floor plan and to an Exhibitors Catalogue where to find out who the exhibitors are and what they are offering. Moreover, the app includes a download section where the materials of every Congress presentation will be available. Additionally, it will feature video-recordings of all the sessions once they have taken place so that they can be retrieved and reviewed by those interested. Thank to live notifications, the Congress app also guarantees users to stay updated on significant announcements during the event.

The Congress app provides full access to the Online Meeting Point, where INC members are enabled to find other attendees and contact them. The system includes filters by country, activity, product, in order to increase the search’s exhaustivity. This unique platform enables INC members to take maximum advantage of their time while in Congress. Essentially, it allows them to connect with other attendees and INC members prior to the event in order to plan and arrange meetings. During the search for other attendees and exhibitors, filters regarding country, commercial activity or product can be applied. Once found, the user can contact them and set appointments in advance. Those INC members willing to benefit from the advantages of the Meeting Point only need to access the online tool and insert their INC member username and password.

This year's INC Congress App also allows participants to interact during congress sessions by asking questions which will be displayed on the screen so that panelists can answer them. 

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