As reported by Macadamias South Africa (SAMAC), a second crop forecast was conducted amongst handlers, which indicates a crop of 77,659 metric ton for 2023. This is 8,819 MT lower than the first forecast. During the second part of the season, excessive rainfall in certain regions created difficulties in accessing orchards and a lack of sunlight affected bee pollination and photosynthesis. This period also coincided with an increase in stink bug populations, as warm and humid conditions favored their proliferation. As a result, significant damages were caused before growers could gain access to their orchards. This consequently influenced quality which is of particular importance this season. Forecasts are difficult to project accurately, especially this year with local and global dynamics and considering other factors such as climatic conditions, pests, and diseases.

As for Australia, as announced by the Australian Macadamia Society on June 30, 2023, the crop forecast was revised down to 53,160 MT in-shell, at 3.5% moisture content. Crop quality was reported to be very good, with low rejection levels, but nuts are smaller and total kernel recovery has decreased. [More information]

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