INC participated in the 72nd Session of the UNECE Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards, from 9-11 November 2016, in Geneva, Switzerland, represented by Dr. Ana Bermejo, INC Food Safety and Law Specialist, who gave a presentation about INC activities regarding the UNECE programs.The Chairperson of the Specialized Section on Stan dardization of Dry and Dried produce, Mr. Dorian LaFond (USA), reported on the progress made with regard to the review of the draft Standards (Dried Apricots, Dried Figs, Dried Grapes, Inshell Pistachios, Almond Kernels and Walnuts Kernels), the brochure for Walnuts Kernels, the format for explanatory posters and the Sampling Plan for Tree Nuts and Dried Produce in conjunction with inspection guidelines.The work on the Sampling Plan for Tree Nuts and Dried Produce is on-going and will be tested at a workshop in the next session of the Specialized Section in 2017. In addition, the Section has started the work on the layout of the posters and the delegation of Turkey is leading the poster for dried apricots.New text adopted:

  • Revised Recommendation for Dried Apricots
  • Revised Recommendation for Dried Figs
  • Revised Recommendation for Dried Grapes
  • Recommendation for Inshell Pistachio Nuts
  • Recommendation for Almond Kernels

Trial period extended for one more year:

  • Revised draft Standard for Walnut Kernels
  • Electronic Brochure for Walnuts Kernels

More information and link to meeting documents.

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