This study recently published in The Journal of Nutrition has evaluated the effects of consuming almonds as part of an energy-restricted diet on body composition and blood pressure, compared to a nut-free energy-restricted diet. 86 participants were randomized in a 12 weeks controlled clinical trial and were assigned to one of two energy-restricted (500-kcal deficit/d) diets: an almond-enriched diet (15% energy from almonds) or a nut-free diet.Results concluded that a moderate almond consumption in overweight and obese individuals during energy restriction diet may help to lower truncal and total body fat as well as diastolic blood pressure, and therefore may help to reduce metabolic disease risk in obesity.Dhillon, J., Tan, S. Y., & Mattes, R. D. (2016). Almond Consumption during Energy Restriction Lowers Truncal Fat and Blood Pressure in Compliant Overweight or Obese Adults. The Journal of Nutrition, jn238444.

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