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 The INC Congress in London will be here before you know it, so take a few moments now and register to save your spot! From May 22-24, London will welcome the entire nut and dried fruit industry under the umbrella of the INC. It has been just over 25 years since the INC last gathered in London and this coming year is expected to be an unforgettable Congress. As always, the INC Congress is the heartbeat of the sector for three days where the top industry leaders gather to discuss the hottest topics. It is without a doubt the best place to network and grow your business contacts. So, register today! [Register Now]

 The INC Pavilion in Gulfood 2023 Serves as a Meeting Point for the Sector

 From February 20-24, 2023, the INC will return to Dubai to host its Gulfood Pavilion, and it serves as one of the best opportunities to meet the nut and dried fruit industry. The INC will host 18 co-exhibitors, making it ideal to meet new suppliers or traders.  In total, Gulfood will welcome more than 4,000 companies from over 125 countries. So, if you’ll be in Dubai, don’t forget to come and say hello! [More information]

 INC Attends the 35th European Trade Meeting in Hamburg

On November 18, 2022, the INC attended the 35th European Trade Meeting, organized by Waren-Verein der Hamburger Börse e.V., in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting brought together around 100 participants from various nut and dried fruit organizations and companies from 12 countries. Discussions focused on some of the most important topics for the nut and dried fruit industry such as sustainability, consumer trust, thoughts and perspectives from the sectors, EU-politics, food imports on the background of environmental challenges, and the importance of transparency in consumer communications. [Read more]

INC Participates in the UNECE Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards

The UNECE 77th Session of the Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards took place from November 14-16, 2022 at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting served as an opportunity to measure the progress of the Working Party and Specialized Sections, emphasizing the importance of UNECE standards in facilitating international trade in agricultural produce. Mr. Pino Calcagni, Chairman of the INC Sustainability, Scientific and Government Affairs Committee, provided updates on the INC Sustainability Agenda and the multi-country dissemination campaign, which has kicked off in China and will be launched in India next year. Mr. Calcagni also contributed to the roundtable on food loss & waste prevention and reduction, by highlighting the impacts of climate change and giving an overview of zero-waste actions in the nut and dried fruit industry. [Read more]

INC Joins FRUCOM’s Open Discussion and Dinner

On November 17, 2022, the INC attended FRUCOM’s open discussion and dinner in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting was attended by around 40 participants from different nut and dried fruit organizations and companies, like the Aegean Dried Fruit Exporters Association (Türkiye), Almond Board of California (USA), American Peanut Council (USA), Blacksea Exporters Association (Türkiye), FoodDrinkEurope (Belgium), Istanbul Hazelnut and Hazelnut Products Exporters Association (Türkiye), NDFTA The Nut and Dried Fruit Trade Association (UK), NZV (Netherlands), Safe Food Alliance (USA), Waren-Verein der Hamburger Börse e.V. (Germany) and the INC. [Read more]

INC Highlights Latest Iran Pistachio Association Market Report

According to the latest Iran Pistachio Association market report, the 2022 crop post‐harvest estimate added up to 106,000 metric tons of dried in‐shell pistachios. With an estimated carry‐over of 15,000 MT, the estimated gross inventory at the beginning of the current marketing year stands at 121,000 MT. Exports during the first month of the current marketing year amounted to 7% of the gross inventory, vs. 14% during the same month of the previous year. September shipments to the CIS countries and the Indian Subcontinent have been relatively strong as compared to other destinations. [Read more]

INC Shares the 2022 Australian Macadamia Crop Result, As Announced by the Australian Macadamia Society

As reported by the Australian Macadamia Society, growers have recovered from the record rains and flooding in NSW and South East Queensland earlier this year to produce a higher than anticipated crop of 52,974 metric tons in-shell @ 3.5% moisture (56,800 MT in-shell @ 10% moisture). Growers in the hardest hit growing region —the NSW Northern Rivers— experienced lower losses and higher yields than expected, while new plantings in the largest growing region —Bundaberg— contributed to increased crop in that area. [Read more]

INC Updates on FDA’s “Healthy” Claim Proposed Rule

As announced in a previous article, on September 29, 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a proposed rule to update the definition for the implied nutrient content claim “healthy”, which was set in 1994. This rule, if approved, will revise the requirements for when the term “healthy” can be used. Nuts, seeds, avocados and salmon are some examples of foods currently ineligible to bear the “healthy” claim based on the existing regulatory definition, but that would qualify…[Read more]

INC Shares Study on How Almond Consumption May Aid Weight Management

A new study published in the European Journal of Nutrition has examined how appetite-regulating hormones and self-reported appetite ratings change after consuming almonds versus an isocaloric carbohydrate-rich snack bar. Researchers conducted a randomized controlled trial in overweight and obese adults aged between 25 and 65 years old. A total of 140 participants were instructed to fast overnight and then consume a random snack, either almonds or a snack bar. In total…[Read more]

Study on the Positive Effects of Regular Brazil Nut Consumption Disseminated by INC

The journal Foods has published a study that analyzed the effects of regular Brazil nut consumption through a systematical review of clinical trials. The databases, PubMed, Embase®, and Scielo were searched and in total, the researchers found 24 clinical trials, of which 15 were non-randomized. In the studies analyzed, Brazil nuts were consumed in a free-living diet. The results showed that there was an improved antioxidant status through higher levels of selenium in all studies that looked at…[Read more]

INC Shares Latest Sustainability News

The INC’s latest sustainability update covers the FAO’s report “The State of Food and Agriculture 2022”, which highlights the drivers of agricultural automation and other digital technologies. The update also includes further information from an FAO technical paper on forestry, the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP27), and a WBCSD roadmap for the forest sector. More updates include news from Chile, the European Union, Germany, and Spain. These news pieces discuss a new study on bees, sustainability reporting, gender equality, corporate due diligence, and new laws aimed at regulated lobbies. [Read more]

 International Trade News Monitored by INC

See the most recent updates on international trade with information on the thirteenth round of negotiations in a free trade agreement between the European Union and Australia, and a trade mission from the United States of America focused on Spain and Portugal. The trade mission is sponsored by the USDA and the goal is to engage directly with potential buyers from the Iberian Peninsula. Furthermore, read about a workshop between Vietnam and West Africa aimed at boosting cooperation in the cashew industry. The workshop featured the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce, the industry, and Arise Integrated Industrial Platforms.  [Read more]

Food Safety Updates Gathered by INC

In the INC’s food safety update for November, you can read about an update on the phytosanitary requirements for the importation of dried date fruits produced in the UAE into Brazil, new standards and codes for dried fruits in East Africa, and various updates from the EFSA on sulfur dioxide and pest risk assessment. Moreover, see updates from Tanzania on their standards for walnut and pistachio oils, a mycotoxin test kit design from the USA, and the traceability of contaminated food. [Read more]

Labeling Updates and Marketing Orders Shared by INC

For labeling updates, see information on a proposed revision of Food Labeling Standards from the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan that will amend to add walnuts to “specified ingredients” for allergen labeling. Regarding marketing orders, the INC has shared a new increased assessment rate for dried prunes produced in California and a requested extension for and revision of a currently approved information collection for pecan growers in the various U.S. States.  [Read Labeling Updates] [Read Marketing Orders]

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