AU$980 million could be saved annually if every Australian were to eat a handful of nuts daily

A new study commissioned by Nuts for Life has found that greater nut consumption could deliver major healthcare cost savings. The study, conducted by KPMG, found that healthcare expenditure could be reduced by AU$980 million each year if every Australian were to eat a 30 g handful of nuts daily. Of this figure, the potential savings associated with cardiovascular disease —one of the leading causes of death in Australia— amounts to AU$281 million.

The study considered the diseases with the highest potential to be mitigated or prevented if nut consumption were to increase. It also took into account the prevalence and impact of these diseases on the health of the population, as well as the public healthcare expenditure associated with these conditions.

The findings confirm that regular nut intake could provide benefits that extend beyond health, alleviating a significant burden on the public coffers.

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