The INC is committed to supporting the nut and dried fruit industry and member companies in their sustainable journeys. To do so, three objectives have been identified where we could all come together and make a difference.
  1. Safety-net: Monitoring sustainability policies to ensure regulations are achievable and commercially feasible.
  2. Knowledge-share: Increasing the understanding of sustainability challenges and opportunities through communication, awareness and partnerships.
  3. Positive-messaging: Disseminating the improvements the sector is implementing.

The Sustainability Agenda requires working collaboratively with stakeholders. As a first step, the INC created an international working group with experts from both the academic and the private sector that will serve as a repository of key talking points and fact-based information across the nut and dried fruit sector.

Through its Sustainability Manifesto, the INC publicly calls for the nut and dried fruit industry to accelerate sustainability commitments that are tangible, quantifiable and measurable. The INC believes that all actors throughout the supply chain can take action to tangibly improve and communicate how the industry has an impact on sustainability and contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. [Manifesto]

In addition, as part of its mission to stimulate and facilitate sustainable growth of the global Nut and Dried Fruit Industry, the INC has identified a shortlist of focus Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the sector. It is conceived as a guide for companies to help them incorporate the SDGs into their Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) policies, identify specific metrics and indicators and implement concrete actions. [Focus SDGs]

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